Finally, after years of creating, we can proudly pronounce you the mobile app of DOTA 2. Simply click on the download button below, and play DOTA 2 where ever you go!

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Last Updated
15 July 2018


Hilda Oliver
Commented 9 minutes ago
This is something I have been waiting for for a very long time. After all those scams on the internet, I'm glad to see that this game came officially out now for Android and iOS.
Debbie Morales
Commented 9 minutes ago
I'm very happy to see that all DOTA 2 fans can now also play this game on their mobile devices.
Chris Chambers
Commented 9 minutes ago
I'm glad I found out this website! I've played this game since it came out, but it's still awesome. Especially now I can play it on my iPhone 7. What I also find great about it, is that it definitely isn't laggy. It's obvious that this game is especially created for mobile devices. Great invention!

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